The story of Pet & Dot


Thank you for visiting my shop. My name is Petra. I am a graphic designer and I stand behind the project Pet & Dot. Originally coming from Slovakia, I am now based in Copenhagen, where I live, work and draw :)

I have always loved drawing. But I only came back to it after quite some years, when my boyfriend gave me a set of Microns and a notebook. It was more than two years ago, and it was when I started "dotting". I keep doing it until now and with the same, or even bigger excitement. As the name indicates, in this project there is ME and a DOT. To be precise, it's "dots". Milions of them... The drawing process usually takes hours, weeks, months... For me it's about the meditative and extremely satisfying process, although I am usually also very happy to see the final results.

People often ask me about the technique. I use technical ink pens (Rotring Rapidograph & Isograph). I have a lot of thickness, but my favourite one is the thinnest one, which has only 0.1mm. I  have only been working with black ink on white paper and with white ink on black paper. So the different tones and nuances of the drawings are created only by the different intensity or size of the dots. 

I am endlessly inspired by natural landscapes, waves, geometric shapes, and most of all space, stars and galaxies.
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